Our Menu

At Splash Thai Cuisine you will experience signature Thai dishes skillfully prepared with a balance of fresh, and authentic Thai ingredients. The menu draws from family recipes and experiences in Thailand, where sharing food is such an important part of the culture. Each dish is prepared fresh for you by the hands of a chef in our kitchen.

Satay Chicken $8

Thin strips of grilled chicken, skewered and marinated in coconut milk and tumeric. Served with homemade peanut sauce, cucumber and onions.



Fresh Spring Rolls $7

A vegetarian pan-fried spring roll wrapped in soft rice paper. Served with sweet chili sauce.



Crispy Wonton $6

Deep fried wonton wrap with ground chicken and spices. Served with sweet plum sauce.



Thai Curry Puffs $7

Fried crispy pastry stuffed with diced potato, onion, ground chicken and spices.

Layer 9

Crispy Spring Rolls $7

Homemade spring rolls filled with our special mixture of chicken, glass noodles and vegetables. Deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce.



Appetizer Platter For Two $16

Spring roll, satay chicken, crispy wonton and Thai curry puffs.



Thai Calamari $10

Marinated in Thai curry mixture and deep-fried. Served with spicy seafood sauce.